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Let's Create A Homepage

Learning to create your own homepage doesn't have to be work it can be fun. Once you know a few basic codes you will be ready to start! First you will need to find a server to host your homepage. These pages are hosted by Tripod There are many free servers to host your page. Tripod, Geocities, Go, and Angelfire just to name a few. Once you have an account you are ready to start creating your homepage in the file directory. Your first page is always named index.html. You can name your other pages anything you would like but you must always have an index.html to start.

All your pages are writing in code using HTML commands called tags. Tags tell the browser how to display the text, layout, and images of the document.

All pages start with <html> and end with </html> Codes are always placed in Angle.

<codes go between angle brackets>

The Skeleton

Everything you want to say and images you want to place goes here.

Here is a small list of tags and what they do.
<html> Hypertext Markup Language
<head><title> Where your title goes.
</title></head> Closing tags for title and head.
<body> Here is where your bgcolor, background, text color, link color, and vlink color goes.
<font size="3"> The size of your text.
<b> This makes you text bold.
<br> One Line break.
<p> Start a new paragraph.
<img src="http://url of gif" width="width of image" height="height of image" alt="what the image is"> The code you use to get images on your homepage. Using the width, height, and alt in your img src tag helps your page load faster.
<a href="http://url addy"> The code that let's you click onto another link and is followed by it's closing tag </a>.
<hr> A line.
</b> Closing tag for bold tag.
</font> Closing tag for font size or font color code.
</body> Closing body tag.
</html> Closing tag for HTML

To get a better idea on what the tags look like when creating your page......
I did a page for you to view.

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