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Building Your Homepage

Now on to building your homepage! Always start with <html> when beginning your homepage design and ending with </html> Make sure when writing out the html codes you write them as one long word! This is what your codes will look like in the advanced HTML editor.

<head><title>Welcome CS Heplers
<body bgcolor="#F5F5F5"
Text="#000066" Links="#000066" Vlink="#000088">
<bgsound src= "">
<font size="4">
Come on in....grab a cup of <img src="" width="55" height="50" alt="cup"> and make<br> yourself at home. When you are ready just click<br> on the door to find other great help pages!
<a href=" dex-1.html">
<img src="" width="191" height="169" alt="door"></a>
Please email me <a href="">Here</a>
copyright June 14, 1999

Click Here to see what the this page will look like.

I hope this has helped you! Just remember that nothing can be put above the <html> tag or below the </html> tag.

copyright 1999-2001 Kathy

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