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Koffee's HTML Help

I may not know alot about writing HTML codes but here are a few examples of how they would look on your email and homepages.

First thing you need to do to put images in your email is to go to your mail settings. Once there click on to signature. Always start with <html> when beginning your sig box design and ending with </html> Make sure when writing out the html codes you write them as one long word!

Now if you want a background for your email and a different color text the code is written like this:

<body background= "" Text="#660000" Link="#660000" Vlink="#000000">

Your music tag would come next:

<bgsound src= "">

Next comes your image tag:

<center><img src= "" width="50" height="50" border="0" alt="dog"></center>

As you can see I add the width, height, and alt of the gif; this helps the image to load faster.

This is what the image looks like.


End the code like this.


Now on to building your homepage! This is what your codes will look like in the advanced HTML editor.

<title>Koffee's House</title>
<body bgcolor="#F5F5F5" background= "http//"
Text="#660000" Link="#660000" Vlink="#000000">
<font size="4">
<bgsound src= "">
Welcome to My Homepage
<img src= "" width="50" height="50" alt="cup">
I hope you enjoy your visit.....8-)
<a href= "">ENTER</a>

Click here to see what the page will look like!

I hope this has helped you! Just remember that nothing can be put above the <html> tag or below the </html> tag.

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