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Kathy's ABC's & 123's

Awards Page 2

Thank you for your awards!
What a great honor it is to
show your wonderful awards!
Each award is very special to me!
Please visit these great "Homes"
from where these awards came!.


April 22, 1999


Thank You Karen!

May 2, 1999

Thank You, Mommies on the Web
Homepage of the Week....May 2-10

May 9. 1999

Thank You Betty!
Not ony are you
"Sweet"...You are Wonderful!

May 22, 1999


Thank You Cindy....8-)
You are the best cttt every!

May 25, 1999


Thank You Karen!
You are so sweet!

June 1, 1999

Thank You Norma!
You are one "Cool-Mom"!

June 3, 1999

Thank You Webtv4You!
What a great honor this is!

June 4, 1999

Thank You Kim!
You Sweet Little Sis!

June 21, 1999

Thank You Michael!

August 2, 1999
Top Site Award

Thank You Mary & George
For Your HPO Award!
What an honor this is!


Awards Page 3


Kids..Apply For My Award


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